Evergreen Top 10 Movies We Can Watch On Online Streaming Platform

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Love Story

The story of movie Love Story is about a Christian boy named Revnth who is settled in Hyderabad and runs his own Zumba Center. Later Mounika enters the picture. She belongs to the upper caste. She is in search of a job to pursue her dreams.

Zombie Reddy

Mario is a Game developer. He and his friends get caught up in a rivalry between two families. There is a mysterious zombie attack in Rayalaseema where the friends go to attend a wedding.


Surya, who is an IT professional, is wrongly accused of committing a high-profile murder case. He then ends up being subjected to extreme abuse and languishing while he is waiting for his time out in prison for his trial.

Super Over

In the movie Super OverKaasi, Madhu and Vasu are childhood friends. As Kaasi plans to go abroad, he gets scammed by the travel consultant. He receives immense debt for his travel plans, due to which he had to put his through collateral.

Dirty Hari

Hari is a man who is in the dilemma of choosing between his wife, Vasudha and Jasmine. Due to his greed, it is noticed that he ends up almost losing everything.

Bell Bottom

A police constable, Divaker finally gets to the point where he can choose his lifelong dream of becoming a detective. He gets to play the part of a detective when a mysterious robber occurs at the local police station.

Color Photo

Jayakrishna and Deepthi are two engineering students who belong from contrasting backgrounds. Irrespective of the fact that they have had quite different upbringings, the duo falls for each other when the circumstances get them together.


Three notorious criminals lock horns with a hot-headed police officer. Little did the fellows know that they would soon end up in jail.

Midnight Murders

Anwar, a consulting criminologist, helps the Kerala police every now and then. With a string of mysterious serial killers taking place, it is once aging time for him to get on the field.


LKG is a small-town councillor. He aspires to become the chief minister of the state. He further enlists helping the corporations in order to impress the public.

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